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Weekend Format

The Catholic Engaged Encounter is a weekend experience that offers an engaged couple a unique opportunity to discover a deeper appreciation of their relationship and God's call to unite them in a permanent union. It provides the occasion for them to examine and deepen their commitment to one another, and gives them a clear view of what a good Christian marriage involves. The weekend addresses itself primarily to the sacramentality and theology of marriage in a manner inviting the couples to open up to a richer understanding of these aspects. Although Catholic Engaged Encounter is primarily for couples being married in the Catholic faith, couples of all faiths are welcome to attend.

A team of married couples and a priest facilitate and guide the weekend. The design of the weekend encourages the couple to explore mutual strengths and weaknesses, goals, aspirations, and attitudes concerning family life, children, sexuality, finances, the Church and society. The format gives couples the opportunity to talk honestly and intensively about their prospective lives together. After each presentation, the engaged couple is given questions and encouraged to write and dialogue privately. The format does not involve group therapy. The couples are urged to communicate in terms of planning a marriage, not only a wedding day celebration for, "A Wedding is a day, A Marriage is a lifetime."



Engaged Encounter Weekend Dates


Engaged Encounter Weekend Dates

November 13-15

December no weekend

Jan. 15-17 March 19-21
April 23-25
Aug. 6-8
Oct. 15-17
November 12-14

For more information please contact:

In Mobile: Registration Couples-Registration - Shelley Vrazel
5 Bienville Ave.
Mobile, Al. 36606

Coordinating Couple-Local Coordinators- James and Brittany Defalco
4400 Winding Way
Mobile, AL 36693
(251) 605-1384 (Brittany)
(251) 490-7776 (James)

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